Who would benefit?

  • A great employee who you think has talent but lacks confidence and could greatly benefit from a strategic action plan.
  • A rising star who you think would greatly value from having specialist career guidance and mentorship.
  • Employees lacking accountability for their own their performance, or who have a “what’s in it for me” mentality.
  • Employees who ask for raises or bonuses without providing clear evidence of adding value add to the organisation.
  • Employees who expect the company to provide training but don’t take any accountability for their own learning.

This is perfect for your organisation if:

  • You have employees with potential, but you don’t have the time or resources to commit to developing and managing structured succession and career development plans.
  • You have a motivated team who are ready for progression and are willing to work on their weaknesses but need specialist career guidance and support that you don’t have the time to offer.
  • You dread performance review time because it’s the one time of year you have tough conversations and you have no real structure or data as to how to manage these conversations.
  • You want to empower your employees to have clarity around their own roles, get them to understand what success looks like to you and put in a system so that they effectively communicate to you.
  • You want to encourage your employees to be accountable for their own learning and development, making your job as a manager so much easier
  • You want your team to be actively seeking your feedback on their development but bringing structured tools and documents to the meeting.
  • You want your staff to become accountable have clarity around what that looks like.