On Australia on International Women’s Day – this graph was released in the Australian Financial Review. This graph demonstrates that if you work in the ASX 200, then you are statistically more likely to have a CEO named Andrew, rather than a woman.

This has to change!!!

You’ve probably heard the following statistic: Men apply for a job when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, but women apply only if they meet 80-90% of them. The Harvard Business Review quotes this study consistently, and it has been quoted in dozens of articles as well as Lean In, The Confidence Code, by Sheryl Sandberg.  It’s usually invoked as evidence that women need more confidence. As one Forbes article put it, “Men are confident about their ability at 60%, but women don’t feel confident until they’ve checked off each item on the list.” The Path to Promotion is committed to seeing real change in gender diversity – how? By providing a program that will help women to develop the skills they need for the next step up the career ladder whilst in their current role, giving them the confidence to put themselves forward, lean in and get on the path to promotion.

This course is committed to helping women achieve career progression by seeing career development as a strategic plan, not just as a source of frustration, unknowns and luck.