As a manager of people or a Learning and Development Manager, how much easier would your life be if you had:

  • Employees that took ownership of their own performance by developing their own success profiles in consultation with you – mapping out what success looks like for you for the next 12 months in specific and measurable timelines?
  • Employees who held themselves accountable to that document and took responsibility for their own outcomes?
  • Team members who booked monthly meetings with you, reporting back on how they are tracking against that success profile and asking for your feedback on their performance?
  • Team members that are looking to actively contribute over and above the role that they have?
  • Staff that identified gaps in their skill set and put in place structured action plans to bridge those gaps and actively develop themselves?
  • Staff that worked on their own development outside of work hours, dedicating their full work day to being the best that they can be in their current roles?
  • Staff that were committed to developing expert status and raising the profile of your organisation as both an employer of choice, and as a corporate entity?